Nicole Lovett Miller paints and people listen.

What the heart and mind can’t put into words, she will express in vibrant and free-flowing strokes, evoking feelings that linger — long after the first glance.

Nicole Lovett Miller has been painting since her early childhood and professionally since 1996. As a young girl, she learned how to draw under mentor, Allen Johnson, who recognized her limitless talent. She later earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Pacific, practicing different styles and techniques of painting, switching between mediums of watercolor and acrylic.

Lovett quickly learned that to be a working artist she would need to supplement her income. It was then that she decided to return to college and earn a Single Subject Credential in Art and a Multiple Subjects Teaching Credential. As an elementary school art teacher, Lovett dedicated herself to working with young minds to share the beauty only art can express. A synergy was created, leading Lovett to paint several new masterpieces.

Lovett paints in free form. “I love using mass amounts of color that is scrubbed with a wide range of brushes — layering the paint in portraits, and applying broad, loose brushstrokes in landscapes. I strive to convey a lot of feeling and expression with minimal brush strokes, says Lovett. The marbleizing technique of pushing the paint with the brush work is very exciting.”

Her inspired work creates a demand for Lovett’s original art. She is often commissioned to create custom pieces for her clients and has a personal collection ready for the right buyer. “The ongoing, positive support from our local community makes me strive to make each client’s piece increase in value after they purchased it.” By making her work easily available, Lovett hopes people are uplifted and inspired wherever her art shines.

Lovett Design is a San Diego, California based, custom artwork company established in 2000.

Price ranges are determined by subject matter, materials, time, and size. From gift cards to large scale murals, the passion, attention to detail, thoughtfulness and care that Nicole @ Lovett Design puts into her work is consistently on par with what you would expect from a professional artist.